BCLC Swelled VIP Baccarat Limits despite Watchdog Money Laundering Concerns

British Columbia has one hot topic over the past few months and that is the money laundering issues that emerged following extensive investigation throughout the province. As more information is revealed, it became clear that in the past British Columbia Lottery Corporation received a green light to swell high-roller betting limits to CA$100,000 around the time of the year when Asians express increased interest towards gambling.
The Chinese New Year is a special time when thousands of Asians take a break and devote their time to traveling abroad, sometimes overseas and gambling. This is a trend visible in Macau when the weeklong celebrations are accompanied by a surge in gaming revenue for all venues. Canada also witnesses surge in gaming interest over that time of the year especially when it comes to high rollers, something that the Finance Ministry was aware of.
GPEB Warned about Suspicious Transactions
It was recently revealed that around the period of celebrations the provincial lottery corporation received the permission to increase baccarat limits across its casino venues in British Columbia from CA$5,000 to the six-figure amount per hand. The move came with the approval of senior-level officials of the local government and the reasoning behind it was that this would increase gaming revenue in the region.
The bigger the revenue, the larger the regular allocations to host communities of the casino venues. This, in turn, boosts the community development down the road and at the time it all seemed like a viable option of operation. Taking advantage of VIP casino patrons willing to pour thousands of Canadian dollars in the casino venues could have been a win-win situation if it was not for the money-laundering allegations and warnings coming from industry watchdogs.
In a sense, this happened despite previous information related to Chinese VIP players and suspicious behavior that they had demonstrated. In the light of recent events and revelations, people wonder whether local politicians purposefully turned a blind eye to washing dirty cash in British Columbia gambling venues. May 2015 saw then-Finance Minister Mike de Jong claim that the move would have a positive impact in the long run on a provincial level.
B.C. Officials Facilitated the Process
Ever since 2010, Joe Schalk, former Senior Director of Investigations with the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch and Larry Vander Graaf, Executive Director of GPEB have been sounding the alarm about money laundering concerns and suspicious transactions happening in casino venues. Later the two of them were dismissed without an explanation. In response to the concerns, BCLC supposedly explained the situation with the personal preferences of Chinese high rollers to gamble with more cash, preferably in CA$20 bills.
This of the reasoning the corporation provided and the conversations with the industry watchdog have been documented. River Rock Casino in Richmond and Edgewater Casino in Vancouver were targeted as the locations that simply must see an increase of the baccarat limits. Coincidentally, River Rock Casino is considered the gaming hub that allegedly enabled millions of Canadian dollars to be washed.
The information about help from senior politicians was unveiled in 2015 by current British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby, closely involved in the development of events. Former BCLC Chief Executive Officer Michael Graydon was the main supporter of this increase. In the light of these revelations, an increasing number of British Columbians report losing faith in the corporation and demand a public inquiry on money laundering.

British Columbia Casinos Buckle Down to Eliminate Money Laundering, CEO Claims

British Columbia has been associated with money laundering allegations across its gaming field, the local housing market, luxury cars, and the horse racing field. Regardless of the concerning pieces of information that appear to emerge on a regular basis, Jim Lightbody, Chief Executive Officer of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, ensured casino venues are doing their part in the money laundering battling.
The prevention of money laundering illegal practices is crucial for the integrity of every field, especially the gaming one in British Columbia. Implementing adequate measures and making sure they are respected by every member is crucial for preventing dirty money washing. Mr. Lightbody wanted to make it clear that casino venues want to clear their image and they are actively working towards achieving this goal.
BCLC Praises Casino Venues for Hard Work
This week saw the long-anticipated Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association’s Annual General Meeting, which gave everyone, interested the opportunity to learn more about various plans and projects in Kamloops. Mr. Lightbody used the tribune to express his contentment with the way casino venues are tackling money laundering allegations.
He claimed that facilities offering gambling activities have implemented many of the recommendations listed in former Mountie Peter German listed in his first report on money laundering called Dirty Money. He issued it last summer and took the field by storm with the scandalous revelations it featured about the magnitude of cash washing within the province.
As a result of that first report focusing on the casino industry in British Columbia, venues implemented the policy of cash source transparency that obliges every player bringing a buy-in larger than CA$10,000 to reveal the cash source.
Now that the second report focusing on the housing market is about to be issued publicly in the upcoming weeks, its recommendations are going to be taken into account too. Once it was finished, the report was sent to the provincial government for detailed review, a mandatory step in the process.
Money Laundering Efforts Continue to this Day
This aims to ensure that none of the information listed in the report directly interferes with ongoing investigations in British Columbia. Regardless of this part of the report is now available as a piece of information, proving an already existing suspicion that money laundering might not be tackled efficiently.
Mr. German informed that the government has reduced the number of RCMP officers looking into money laundering practices and that there are no investigators probing allegations of cash washing in British Columbia. Mr. Lightbody wanted to clarify that British Columbia Lottery Corporation partners efficiently with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in order to facilitate the control and minimize money laundering practices.
He added that the corporation also collaborated with the gaming regulator and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, which receives regular reports for casino cash transactions surpassing CA$10,000.
Projections are that the field would see an improvement, already evident by the implemented more than 10 recommendations from the Dirty Money report. British Columbia Attorney-General David Eby recently pointed out that there has been a reduction. Meanwhile, Canadians still want a public inquiry.

Gateway Casinos Inks Partnership with the NFL ahead of Centennial Season

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the casino operator constantly seeking new opportunities for development and expansion evident by its latest announcement. The Canadian leader inked a partnership with the NFL to be the official national land-based casino partner of the NFL in Canada.
In addition to that, the premium casino complexes across the country are going to be the exclusive sponsor of the widely popular NFL Fantasy App. In order to remain as relevant as possible and compete well with rival gaming brands, Gateway Casinos is willing to go above and beyond.
The casino operator also listens to its customers’ preferences and takes them into account, as this would guarantee their support down the road. The NFL would now have its exclusive presenting sponsor in Canada. MATCH Eatery & Public House, the signature dining location adjacent to Cascades Casinos across the country would promote the NFL Fantasy App.
Gateway Casinos Locations Welcome the NFL
Gateway Casinos confirmed that according to the conditions of the arrangement, the casino operator would have the right to put to good use the National Football League trademarks. This includes the signature brands Starlight Casino, Cascades Casino, and Playtime Casino. Moreover, the casino operator would also have the right to promote the NFL at Grand Villa Casino and Casino Rama.

Unifor National Goes to War with Gateway Casinos Seeking Employees Protection

Gateway Casinos across the provinces will also be part of this arrangement, as they are also a focal point of its business strategy. This is a milestone agreement between the two giants, as the casino operator is the first Canadian brick-and-mortar casino partner of the NFL. Carrie Kormos, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Gateway Casinos, expressed her excitement to bring Canadian players closer to the exciting NFL offerings.

More Layoffs at Casino Rama, Gateway Casinos Refuses to Disclose Number

This agreement was announced just in time for the upcoming NFL season that launches September 5 with the NFL Kickoff Game with the Chicago Bears hosting the Green Bay Packers. This season is about to span all the way to December 29. This year marks a special 100th season of the NFL with memorable celebrations and collaborations.
September 5 Greenlights Action
Singing the partnership at such a crucial point of the NFL’s history is a proud moment for Gateway Casinos. What is projected to enhance the experience further is the introduction of the NFL Draft, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl events to the Canadian market.

Gateway Casinos Stirs the Pot with Controversial Layoffs in Orillia, Innisfil

Over the next few years of operation, the casino locations and their dining areas would be transformed with promotional signs showcasing entertainment opportunities. The MATCH Eatery & Public House locations would launch the campaign with the NLF Fantasy Draft and become the one-stop-shop for the days with special NFL events.

Gateway Casinos Envisions Bright London Future, Councilors Still Live in the Past

Players are projected to enjoy both the interactive atmosphere and the delicious game-day food offered by the premium dining locations. August 8 saw the start of the NFL Fantasy draft that would continue until September 6. August 22 is projected to see the Official Kickoff Tailgate Party at Casino Rama. Fans will have the chance to celebrate the partnership and watch the Oakland Raiders host the Green Bay Packers in Canada.

Treasure Cove Casino Makes Locals Millionaires this Summer

Jackpots would always be a hot topic due to their unexpected nature and the potential they have to change people’s lives. Treasure Cove Casino has been extra generous over the past few months, granting yet another jackpot to one of its casino patrons.
Prince George resident Brittany Hammell recently bagged her windfall reaching CA$1,060,703.14 and she is about to make great changes to her life. Both lottery and slot machine jackpots trigger the same response in people interested in winning them.
Many players remember exactly where they stood and what they were doing when learning that they are the winners of a grand jackpot. Those stories are also the most exciting to listen to, as they paint a picture and make the experience a truly vivid one. Prince George has seen several millionaires over the past months, Mrs. Hammell being the most recent one.
Powerbucks Jackpot Bagged by Local Player
Treasure Cove Casino was the location which offers casino patrons the chance to win a Powerbucks progressive jackpot on a regular basis. About a week ago, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced that yet another local has snatched the growing jackpot, this time while it was still closer to its minimum amount.

Lotto MAX Returns with a CA$40M Main Prize, Lotto 6/49 Keeps on Giving

Brittany Hammell became a millionaire after playing the Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Getaway at the local premium casino location. August 20 was the special day at the beginning of which she was unaware of what is to come. While gaming she also did not know that her destiny is to become a millionaire.

We Know Who Won Lotto MAX CA$60M but Who Will Bag CA$26M in Ontario?

When the slot machine began chiming and it displayed the exact amount of the cash prize, Mrs. Hammell could not believe her eyes. She still finds it hard to believe that this is her life now. It could be recalled that mid-July Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin became eligible for the grand Powerbucks jackpot reaching CA$2.1 million at the time.

Lotto 6/49 Would Drop CA$9M Jackpot in Ontario, More Winners Expected

This was all possible thanks to a CA$3 spin turning them into multimillionaires. Mrs. Hammell is now planning to support her family and possibly purchase a house.
Lotto 6/49 Is Generous Too
Another British Columbia winner is now CA$500,000 richer as a result of a lottery ticket purchase earlier this month. August 14 was a special date for Suzanne Robson, as this is when her lucky Lotto 6/49 draw took place. The regular lottery draw made it possible for her to bag a generous prize thanks to the Extra draw. All she had to do was match the four numbers drawn.

Quebec Lotto Millionaire Couple’s 4-Year-Old Reassures It Will Be Okay

This made her eligible for a windfall of CA$500,000. As soon as she found out about it, she was ready to celebrate the win with her husband. The way she found out about the windfall was via a PlayNow notification. The couple hails from Whistler and the two of them are already planning their first purchases with the prize.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

An RV might be purchased in the near future and the two of them are thinking about retiring earlier. Lotto MAX returns this Tuesday with a CA$40-million jackpot ready to be snatched by a fortunate enough player who had purchased a ticket ahead of the draw. Lotto 6/49 would have its Wednesday draw featuring a CA$7-million Main prize.

Roblin Player Listened to Her Gut before She Bought CA$120,225.70 Ticket

Crown corporations have been generous to their players once again, proven by the variety of lottery offerings linked to cash prizes recently. A Manitoban woman is among the fortunate lottery players that are now much richer thanks to lottery offerings.
Dianna Bahrey of Roblin claimed her prize reaching CA$120,225.70 thanks to a winning Poker Lotto ticket that she purchased while feeling especially lucky. Listening to your gut feeling is something we all could benefit from, as it is our intuition telling us what the best plan for action should be.
Mrs. Bahrey felt lucky after she won CA$4, so she decided to make a second ticket purchase just to see what happens next. She also added the All In option coming with the poker-themed lottery offering which eventually increased the ultimate payout. August 16 was her lucky day when she became eligible for the hefty windfall.
Cash Falling from the Sky
At first, she could not believe the screen showing so many digits at once. This is a common theme for many lottery winners that fail to believe their eyes even though they have been preparing for a potential prize winning since the first lottery ticket purchase.

Lotto 6/49 Confirms It Keeps on Giving with Three Multimillion Main Prizes Claimed

Mrs. Bahrey bought her winning ticket at the Parkway Co-op Service Station on Highway 5 East, a location that could soon become even more popular. When it was confirmed that she is, in fact, a winner thanks to the Royal Flush, both her and the clerk were ecstatic.

Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe

Now she is planning to cover some outstanding bills and make plans for traveling in the foreseeable future. Lotto MAX has not been the center of attention over the past few weeks. Fewer Lotto MAX players claim their prizes in comparison to the Lotto 6/49 enthusiasts.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

James McGibbon is among the lucky ones. The 52-year-old individual hailing from Strathroy would forever remember September 6 as a special day, since this is when the special Lotto MAX draw took place. His CA$100,000 prize came as a result of the additional Encore draw.
Instant Lottery Offerings Galore
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation also made it clear that the player used the mobile app allowing ticket scan. This makes the process much faster and easier without any mistakes. Mr. McGibbon made his special purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart on Front Street, which would now receive a percent of the prize, according to the Crown corporation policy.

Lotto 6/49 Player Uses Birthday Charm for Ticket Purchase, Wins CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

Players do not have to ways several days until the next regular draw, as there are so many daily lottery offerings. Allan Clark could confirm this after his Encore Daily Keno ticket purchase on September 6 that resulted in a hefty jackpot.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

He recently bagged his CA$100,000 after a winning purchase made at Rebekah’s Variety in Welland. Instant prizes have been actively claimed in Niagara Falls as well, Maryann Haddow being among the now richer lottery enthusiasts in the area. She received CA$50,000 thanks to the Instant Quest for Gold Crossword.

Saratoga Race Course Welcomes Generous Turf Triple Series this Weekend

This Friday is projected to be a special day for Saratoga Race Course, as it is about to bring the second phase of the inaugural Turf Trinity and the even more appealing Turf Tiara.
The second batch of live races for 3-year-old turf runners would heat up the action starting August 2 and the US$750,000 Saratoga Oaks race. Renowned horses such as Concrete Rose are among the spectator’s favorites and expectations are once again skyrocketing.
Turf Tiara is about to see its second leg and once again excite everyone interested in live racing in New York. Following already established working models such as the Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, Turf Tiara and Turf Trinity want to elevate the experience across the summer months and be a driving force for the local horse racing field.
Horse Racing Returns Once Again
Saratoga Race Course and Belmont Park are about to once again welcome a crowd this week. The first live event that would make this weekend even more exciting for New York horse racing fans would be the August 2 live race at Saratoga Race Course.

Inaugural Turf Trinity Transforms Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course

The US$750,000 Saratoga Oaks Invitational is expected to challenge its participants and showcase their skills on the turf. For the first time ever, Concrete Rose will have the chance to run at 1 3/8 miles at Saratoga Race Course, striving to bag the first place prize.

Queen’s Plate Goes Down in History for the 160th Time, Paves Way for More

Rusty Arnold trainee, this filly has accomplished a lot, as it is an Ashbrook Farm and BBN Racing’s three-time graded stakes. Now all eyes are set on her, as she has the skills to outrun all rivals on the way to the top.

Prince of Wales Race Confirms Nobody Would Bag the OLG CA$500K Bonus

Another event that really solidified her leading position was Concrete Rose’s performance on July 6. This is when Turf Trinity saw its first leg – the Grade 1 Belmont Oaks Invitational. Concrete Rose entered the 1 ¼ race and succeeded in dominating the field. Mr. Arnold is positive that she would have the skills to add another triumph to her name.
Winners Bag Hefty Prizes
Other notable names that would make their way to the live race this Friday would be Albert Frassetto’s Her Royal Highness, trained by Graham Motion. This race is projected to be a challenge for her, but at the end of the day, Mr. Motion stated that this has been in the plans for quite some time.

Fort Erie Racetrack Welcomes Colts for Second Leg of Canadian Triple Crown

A new name, Olendon is about to make a second appearance this week, following a North American debut and a French racing history. Turf Tiara would see its second leg on August 4, this one being the US$1-million Saratoga Derby with its 1 3/16 turf track ready to see a stellar performance by all three-year-old horses. For the very first time, this live race is going to welcome horse people ready to bag the stellar first-place prize, as well as bettors ready for action.

OLG Encourages Canadian Triple Crown Winners with Additional CA$500,000 Prize

In addition to the live action on site, a broadcast would also be live nationally on FS2, propelling renowned Whitney Weekend festivities. The last phase of this racing action is scheduled to take place at the beginning of September, once again offering locals more.

Sudbury Casino Opponent Allegedly Misrepresented 2017 Coun. Statement

Keith Forrester, Greater Sudbury Manager of Real Estate, claims that one of the main opponents of Kingsway Entertainment District has attempted to mislead the Superior Court in his 1,500-page submission. Tom Fortin is known for being the face of opposition to the entertainment zone, highlighting the ways in which he thinks the city acted in a biased manner when giving its approval to the project.

Kingsway Entertainment District is projected to feature a casino venue managed by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The permanent casino complex has been added to the project in order to complement well all remaining venues and projects within its structure. Introducing a gaming venue at a high-traffic area was projected to benefit city coffers down the road through hefty gaming revenue allocations.
Tom Fortin Filed 1,500-page Affidavit

However, locals were concerned by the problem gambling factor coming with every casino location, especially when it comes to casino venues situated in areas easily-impressionable children frequent. Mr. Fortin has expressed his discontent with the approval process of the special entertainment zone, claiming that the City of Greater Sudbury acted in a biased manner when OKing it. Last year he went on a war against the city.

Sudbury BIA Ex-Chair Alleges KED Is Flawed Project Serving Someone’s Interest

Back in April 2018, the construction of Kingsway Entertainment District received approval with the greenlighting of several bylaws. According to Mr. Fortin, prejudice in making decisions has been demonstrated, one of the instance being the inking of an agreement with Dario Zulich, local developer actively participating in the project. The ultimate goal of this move was blocking of the rezoning approval the city issued.

Greater Sudbury KED Appeals Review Should Not be Accelerated, Council Votes

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal had the task to review his objections along with those of other locals directly affected by the rezoning decisions. Mr. Forrester felt the need to make some objections to Mr. Fortin’s affidavit recently. The Manager of Real Estate made it clear that previous statements of Ward 5 Coun. Robert Kirwan were used out of context in Mr. Fortin’s affidavit.
Controversial Information
Back in April 2017, Mr. Kirwan made comments regarding an evaluation matrix by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The conversation was taking place between local councilors and a representative of the audit and consulting firm. Mr. Forrester also pointed out that the cite evaluation performed back in 2017 was done without taking into account that a casino complex might also be introduced to the area.

Sudbury Officials Concerned LPAT Delays Could Jeopardize Projected Economy Boost

He claims that this would have affected the process. June 2017 brought the news that Gateway Casinos intents to relocate Sudbury OLG Slots once its lease expires in the spring of 2020. Now that the deadline is approaching, the casino operator is looking for a temporary venue while still remaining confident Greater Sudbury is the place to develop a gambling business. This year is about to see an official decision by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

New Provincial Planning Rules Dispute Delays Sudbury Casino and Arena Decision

May 5 is about to bring a public hearing on the entertainment zone’s casino complex and adjacent events arena estimating to CA$100 million. It should be taken into account that the saga should come to an end by the end of this year, as December 5, 2020, has been pinpointed as a deadline for issuing a decision. This spring would see a hearing of appeals that were reduced from their initial number in 2019.

OLG Makes Casino Gaming Revenue Rain over Host Communities

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Operation has proven its generosity once again with its regular gaming revenue payments to the host communities. Towns and cities featuring a casino location or a gaming venue recently bagged their payments covering the third quarter of the fiscal year. The Town of Milton was among the locations bagging a hefty cheque for gaming operation, reaching CA$1,710,033.

Elements Casino Mohawk is the location of choice for many locals. A casino location has many ways in which it could support its host community and improve the wellbeing of its residents. This happens via the gaming revenue allocations it sends to the city council thanks to the Municipal Contribution Agreement inked ahead of its official launch. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation makes sure to distribute the sums.
Milton Receives Support

The third quarter of this fiscal year marked the period between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. The fall months usually witness a slight drop in the gaming revenue especially in comparison to the busy summer months when everyone was looking for a shade location to spend some time at. Elements Casino Mohawk is one of the leading supporters of the city coffers.

B.C. First Nations Await CA$3b in Gaming Revenue Allocations by 2045

This week was a special one for the Town of Milton, as it received the Q3 payment amounting to CA$1,710,033. It marks a slump when compared to the Q1 2019-2020 payment amounting to CA$2.6 million. Ever since its launch of operation back in 1999, the casino venue has been able to amass some CA$121 million in gaming revenue allocations.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Brings Windfall to Casino Host Communities

Such support goes to local projects and beautification work around Milton. Peterborough was another location to benefit from its casino operation at the end of this third quarter. The Crown corporation sent some CA$780,031 in non-tax gaming revenue to its city coffers that would go towards the improvement of the community, as well as for the support of the problem gambling programs in progress.
Peterborough Sees Cash
Shorelines Casino Peterborough is the location that generated this support, but this is one of the newest casino complexes of Ontario. It launched operation in October 2018 and ever since then, it has managed to amass some CA$3.9 million in allocations. Belleville is another location to benefit from casino operation within its borders. Shorelines Casino is the casino venue preferred by the locals.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Offers Hefty First Gaming Revenue Allocation

The third quarter of this fiscal year managed to witness a total of CA$835,503 adding up to the existing allocations bagged by the city coffers. The casino venue launched operation about three years ago and ever since then it has amassed some CA$9 million for the local programs battling problem gambling, as well as the programs seeking infrastructural improvement. Sudbury was another location to receive casino cash support.

Keeping Up with the Times: Online Gambling Expansion in Ontario

This last quarter of the fiscal year resulted in revenue payment amounting to CA$482,474 thanks to the everyday operation of Gateway Casinos Sudbury at Sudbury Downs. The slots location is in operation ahead of the potential relocation to Kingsway Entertainment District once the project has been finished. Ever since November 1999, Greater Sudbury has bagged some CA$44 million in allocations.

Parking Lot Bingo Electrifies Windsor Community

Windsor residents eager to play some bingo now have the chance to do so in a safe manner with the help of the brand new idea All Star Gaming Center came up with. Parking Lot Bingo is the brand new gaming opportunity in the region allowing players to play bingo while maintaining physical distancing. About 450 individuals made their way to this gaming hotspot on Saturday.

The thrill of traditional bingo gaming is something many individuals could easily recognize, as the pastime activity has attracted them in one way or another. Ever since mid-March, in-person bingo gaming and all sorts of gambling are prohibited across the Canadian provinces. Individuals interested in bingo gaming have only online, where electronic bingo gaming is allowed.
Bingo Gaming

Tony Rosa, President of Community Gaming and Entertainment Group, stated that something had to happen, as people needed a gaming event to look forward to during these trying times. Windsor locals can now enjoy this brand new gaming opportunity and possibly win big as a result of it. All they have to do is make their way to Walker Road and Ottawa Street where the bingo bonanza is taking place.

July 9 Greenlights Casinos, Bingo Halls in Saskatchewan

The spacious parking lot adjacent to the gaming center is the place to be if you are a bingo enthusiast. People organizing it were inspired by the popular drive-in cinema idea, in which people remain in the enclosed space of a vehicle while also participating in a social activity such as movie watching. Now the idea has been transformed into something even more social, such as bingo gaming.

BCLC Enhances Online Bingo Portfolio

Like-minded individuals were interested to see what Parking Lot Bingo is all about, once the official announcement of this new gaming event was issued. Community Gaming and Entertainment Group oversees charitable gaming along with bingo halls across Windsor, as well as the town of Tecumseh.
Drive-In Bingo
July 11 saw the second edition of this new gaming congregation, bringing excitement to many locals. About 450 individuals with their cars made their way to the All Star Gaming Center for the special new Parking Lot Bingo event. They purchased their bingo cards and listened carefully to the caller broadcast directly in their cars. Just like drive-in cinema, an FM frequency was broadcasting the bingo action do that they can hear it loud and clear.

Pragmatic Play Treats Bingo Fans with Bingo Blast

Organizers promoted this new event via email and on social media and they were worried that a ton of people might show up on Saturday. The feedback following this event was spectacular which gives the organizers the strength to host s third one as well. As many as 80 local charitable organizations will get the chance to benefit from the gaming revenue generated during this special event.

How to Beat Electronic Bingo?

Those organizations have struggled over the past four months, as there was no charitable gaming across Windsor. Players participating in the gaming action had to honk their horn, instead of yelling Bingo, thus alerting the attendants that Lady Fortuna is on their side.